editing, transcription & fiction critiquing

I’m a freelance copy editor and proofreader specializing in educational publishing, corporate communications, and fiction of all genres. Please contact me with your text-fixing needs.

I’m also an experienced and speedy transcriptionist. If you need a document, video, or audio recording transcribed quickly and accurately, please do get in touch with me about your project.

What I love doing most of all, though, is offering critiques on fiction manuscripts-in-progress. Depending on my availability, I’m happy to work on full-length manuscripts (novels or story collections) or individual short stories. I always strive to “tunnel into” the author’s unique voice and way of writing, to highlight and enhance what’s already working well, and to point out aspects of the writing that could be improved, with concrete suggestions for how to make that happen. Critiques on the page can also be followed by a phone chat, after the author has had a chance to think about my commentary, in which our brains do a super-fun dance together and ping-pong ideas around to figure out what the story is truly about and what the author wants the story to say and do…and how to get there.